[You No You Nong] ‘KBL Youth Stage Debut’ TOP Basketball Class…”I knew the high level. Prepare better for next year”

[You No You Nong] ‘KBL Youth Stage Debut’ TOP Basketball Class…”I knew the high level. Prepare better for next year”

TOP Basketball Class makes its debut in the KBL Youth Basketball Competition.

The Assist For Youth (AFY) project, which Assist has been running since 2022 to develop youth basketball in Korea. TOP Basketball Class, a partner in the project, competed in the KBL Youth Basketball Competition for the first time ever and placed third in three categories.메이저놀이터

The ‘2023 KBL Youth Club Basketball Competition IN Youth Yanggu’ was held in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do from July 28 to 30, with a large number of youth basketball clubs under the KBL participating in the competition.

The tournament, now in its 16th year, was held across six categories, including U10, U11, U12, U14, U15, and U18, with the addition of the U14 division from the previous five categories.

TOP Basketball Class, which has also become a KGC Youth Basketball Club since this year, secured a spot in the tournament through a selection competition held in July. TOP Basketball Class, which had never competed in the KBL Youth Basketball Tournament before, seized the opportunity to challenge a new stage.

Participating in five categories, TOP Basketball Class took third place in the U14, U15, and U18 divisions. This is quite an accomplishment considering that they were competing in their maiden tournament. The U10 and U11 divisions, which featured the youngest players from elementary schools, were unfortunately eliminated in the preliminary round with one win and two losses.

CEO Kim Siwan, who experienced the KBL Youth Basketball Tournament for the first time since the opening of TOP Basketball Class, said, “Unlike other tournaments, it was very well prepared. From the branding of the stadium to the facilities and the preparation of the officials, everything was great.” He praised the first impression of the KBL Youth Basketball Tournament, saying, “The KBL gave a lot of gifts to the players and did a great job of broadcasting through the media, so both the players and parents were very satisfied.”

“It was the first KBL youth basketball tournament for our TOP Basketball Class students. It was a great time for them to compete under the KGC name, and it gave them a sense of pride. It was an unforgettable experience for both players and instructors.”

Mr. Kim said that it was not easy to compete because there were a lot of promising youth basketball players from all over the country.

TOP Basketball Classroom also prepared quite a bit for the tournament, but felt that it wasn’t enough. “There were many teams like the Avengers, so there were many intense games. We thought we had prepared a lot, but when we saw the other teams, they were better prepared, and it gave us a chance to think about how we should prepare for this tournament next year. This tournament made me realize that I need to prepare for other tournaments at a higher standard than in previous years. Next year, we will prepare better than this year and show a good performance,” he said, adding that he has already started planning for next year’s tournament.

While the athletes, instructors, and parents all had a great time, Kim still felt sorry for the athletes who didn’t get much playing time.

“Some of my friends didn’t get a lot of playing time because they couldn’t help but care about their grades. I feel very sorry for them. All of our instructors feel regretful about that, and we will put our heads together to come up with a good alternative.” “I am happy that all of our TOP Basketball Class players did their best in the heat. As we experienced the KBL Youth Basketball Tournament for the first time this year, we will work hard from now on so that we can stand in this position next year,” he said, adding that they will definitely participate in the KBL Youth Basketball Tournament next year.

  • Assist For Youth is a project in which Assist will join forces with youth basketball classes across the country to promote youth basketball in 2022. For more information about the project, please visit the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth).

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