“I’ve learnt a lot from LeBron” LAL Cinderella also plays liquorice for Team USA

“I’ve learnt a lot from LeBron” LAL Cinderella also plays liquorice for Team USA

Reeves continues to perform well in a USA jersey.

Steve Kerr’s USA men’s national basketball team defeated Puerto Rico 117-74 in an exhibition game at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on 8 August.

The Lakers’ Austin Reeves was one of the league’s best Cinderellas last season. Coming out of the undrafted ranks, Reeves worked his way up through the ranks with the Lakers and made the leap to become a key option for the team last season, showing remarkable improvement.바카라

In the Conference Finals against Denver, Reeves averaged 21.3 points and shot 56.0 per cent from three-point range, proving to be a presence in big games. Reeves’ performance caught the eye of Team USA, and he was named to the roster for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. In a change of scenery, Team USA has built a World Cup roster with a lot of young talent, including Reeves.

Some wondered if Reeves would be able to compete on a national team with so much talent. But Reeves’ performance in his first full match put those doubts to rest.

Starting as a bench player rather than a starter, Reeves took the court for the first time midway through the first quarter when the starters and bench switched places. He was greeted with a raucous ovation, which he responded to by draining a corner three-pointer off a kickout pass from Anthony Edwards shortly after entering the game.

Reeves’ performance continued. In a frustrating first half for the USA offence, Reeves found a way to break through with a clean mid-range game and aggressive rim attacks.

She was also able to keep her teammates alive with good passes despite not having much time to work together. On defence, he never lost his focus until the very end and made several good plays. Clearly, Reeves was a scene-stealer off the bench for Team USA.

Reeves’ final line in his first full game with Team USA was nine points, four rebounds, and four assists in 19:38 of action. There was a lot of praise for Reeves for his successful debut, and even LeBron James, who watched the game, took to social media to praise him.

“He’s my man, I’ve learnt so much from him over the last two years, and it feels good when he actually recognises you when you’re playing,” Reeves told the broadcaster.

“I feel like we’ve improved as a team really quickly. I know we have a lot of good talent on the team, but it’s important that we come together as a unit and play for each other,” he said, adding that he was positive about Team USA’s performance on the day.

If Reeves continues to perform like this, she could be a key bench player for Team USA at the World Cup. After a strong start to the tournament, the US will play Slovenia, Spain, Greece, and Germany before travelling to Manila, Philippines for the World Cup.

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