[OFFICIAL] ‘Man Utd move ultimately fell through’ as Wout Behorest joins Hoffenheim on loan

[OFFICIAL] ‘Man Utd move ultimately fell through’ as Wout Behorest joins Hoffenheim on loan

After half a season at Manchester United, where he won a trophy, Bout Behorst is heading back to the Bundesliga.

Hoffenheim confirmed the signing on their official website on 9 September (local time), saying: ‘Behorst will showcase his skills at Hoffenheim.

온라인카지노 Behorst is a target-man striker who uses his almost 2 metre height and overwhelming physicality to gain an advantage in contested situations. His ability to link up with his teammates makes him a very influential player in attack.

His real breakthrough came at Wolfsburg, where he literally carried the team with 70 goals and 21 assists in 144 games over four seasons. In the 2018/19 season, he led the team from the relegation zone to the Europa League, and his consistent performances helped them win two Europa League titles and one Champions League.

After moving to Burnley, he bounced around on loan as the club was relegated, before settling at Manchester United last season. At United, he alternated between the first team and the bench, displaying below-par header ability and slow feet, and failed to score a single goal in the league.

He returned to Burnley this season and eventually went out on loan again to Hoffenheim. “I had a few options and I’ve been thinking a lot about my future in the last few weeks. The people at Hoffenheim made a huge effort to find me and showed a lot of respect for me. That impressed me a lot and it feels right to be here now. I’m even more pleased that all talks have ended positively and that the transfer can now be realised.”

He joins Hoffenheim on loan for the 2023/24 season and will wear the number 10 shirt.

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