Jamsil 173.8km was not a coincidence… KIA Kim Do-young’s incredible power, I can’t believe he can’t use this talent at AG.

Jamsil 173.8km was not a coincidence… KIA Kim Do-young’s incredible power, I can’t believe he can’t use this talent at AG.

173.8km was not a coincidence.

KIA’s starting third baseman Kim Do-young (20) hit a 145km fastball high inside Kwak Bin’s body against Doosan in Jamsil on the 6th and hit a left-handed two-run gun with a distance of 125.4m. The moment it was hit, it boasted a tremendous parabola that went far beyond. The launch angle was a whopping 38.1 degrees. The exit speed is a whopping 173.8km. It was a very large two-run gun that is rarely seen even in Jamsil.

Kim Do-young once again surprised people at the Daegu Samsung Game on the 12th. In the top of the 7th inning, when he was down 4-9, he hit a 142km fastball to Samsung’s first baseman Seung-Hyeon Lee with no outs and a 2B2S ball count, creating a two-run arch to the left. At a glance, the parabola was not as high as that home run hit in Jamsil. According to SPOTV, which broadcast the game, the launch angle was 28.8 degrees.

Instead, the exit speed was a whopping 174.4km. The distance is 126.3m.메이저놀이터 The speed was faster than the one shot to Kwak Bin, and the distance was slightly longer. While the course was high toward the body against Kwak Bin, Seunghyun Lee’s fastball went low and toward the outside. It was absolutely not a mismatch. Rather, it is not easy to pull the outer low course and lead to a home run.

What the two home runs have in common is that they clearly proved that Kim Do-young’s talent was not ordinary. Of course, it is said that he received weight training know-how from Na Seong-beom while rehabilitating from foot surgery in the first half of the year, but it must be said that Kim Do-young’s power and skills are fundamentally solid.

He must have fully adapted to the change from his previous form of hitting with the bat resting on his shoulder and slightly lowering it from his body. He also said that he was adapting well to the batting stance he changed during the ‘Gwangju Munkim Daejeon’ at the end of last month. It has the advantage of getting to the hitting point a little faster than his previous stance. He can hit the ball hard and far.

Kim Do-young’s athletic ability is also confirmed by his incredible speed. He played in 55 games and stole a whopping 19 bases. He had a success rate of 86.4% while failing three times. Not only that, he is also great at base running, capable of hitting two bases on a single. In a word, he makes you think that he is a horse riding on the street.

Currently, there are few domestic fielders in the KBO League with this level of athletic ability. Here, the skills to create home runs and extra-base hits are unusual. SBS Sports commentator Lee Sun-cheol’s prediction that he will hit .300, 30 home runs, and 100 RBI while broadcasting KIA games this season is by no means absurd. Right now, it seems possible to play full-time next year.

In 55 games, batting average 0.302, 5 home runs, 34 RBI, 51 runs, 19 stolen bases, on-base percentage 0.370, slugging percentage 0.458, OPS 0.828, scoring percentage 0.282. Based on the baseball statistics website Stats, he ranked 28th with WAR 2.49, adjusted scoring production of 133.5, weighted on-base percentage of 0.379, and win probability contribution of 0.44. These are jaw-dropping numbers.

The unfortunate thing is that we will not be able to see such a player in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. KIA has already confirmed the selection of Choi Won-jun, Lee Ui-ri, and Choi Ji-min. The national team roster is expected to change once before the convocation on the 22nd. This is because injuries emerged after the final entry was announced in June. However, it has been reported that the principle of a maximum of three people per team will not change.

There is no need to be disappointed. Kim Do-young wearing the Taegeuk symbol is expected to be seen at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship as early as November. Included in preliminary entry. Furthermore, there are the 2024 Premier 12, 2026 WBC and Aichi-Nagoya Asian Games, and 2028 LA Olympics. 


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