Another ‘fingernail’?… ‘Memories of a hat-trick’ in the Sheffield game!

Another ‘fingernail’?… ‘Memories of a hat-trick’ in the Sheffield game!

Son Heung-min, who returned from the national team international match, will challenge Sheffield (tomorrow) for his fourth consecutive win in the Premier League and a goal in two consecutive games.

I am interested to see if he will be at the top of the front line again like he did with his hat trick against Burnley in the previous game.

-min shined the most by scoring three goals in a match against bottom-placed Burnley just before joining the national team.

Instead of the sluggish Richarlison, he stepped up as a lone striker and devastated Burnley’s defense, leaving him just three goals away from reaching his 200th goal in Europe.

[Stephen Warnock / Soccer Expert: Son Heung-min is very adaptable. He demonstrates his capabilities to the best of his ability according to the characteristics of his game.]

Afterwards, he successfully completed Klinsmann’s A match schedule against Wales and Saudi Arabia and returned to his team to challenge for goals in two consecutive games.

The next opponent is Sheffield, a promoted team from the second division.

스포츠토토As they have yet to win with 1 draw and 3 losses in 4 league games, Tottenham is expected to have an absolute advantage as they attempt to win 4 games in a row.

What is encouraging is that Son Heung-min has recorded 2 goals and 3 assists in 5 encounters with Sheffield.

If you manage to control the fatigue from the international match, you will be able to recall good memories of the hat-trick against Burnley.

In addition to the possibility of the striker who has been very effective, we are also looking forward to playing in conjunction with the transfer student Madison, who is very active, and working

with Solomon, who had two assists in the previous game.

[Sue Smith / Soccer expert: If Maddison is in charge of coordinating the game and Son Heung-min plays (at the forefront), more space can be created.] Son Heung-

min has surpassed old superstars such as Drogba and Ronaldo with 106 goals in the Premier League.

Another point to watch is that if he adds one goal, he will be on par with Manchester United legend Paul Scholes, and

if he scores two goals, he will be tied with tall striker Crouch, a former Tottenham senior.

This is Seo Bong-guk from YTN.

Video editing: Jeon Joo-young

Graphics: Choi Jae-yong

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