NC Peddie became a legend with 20 wins and 200 strikeouts in 37 years.

NC Peddie became a legend with 20 wins and 200 strikeouts in 37 years.

5th feat in KBO League history… Strongest foreign pitcher ever

Professional baseball NC Dinos pitcher Eric Peddy set records for 20 wins and 200 strikeouts in a season.

Peddie started on the mound in the 2023 KBO League home game against the Hanwha Eagles held at Changwon NC Park in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 10th, striking out 6 and pitching 6 innings without allowing a run.

Using Peddie’s fight as a stepping stone, NC defeated Hanwha 2-0 with Jason Martin’s two RBI doubles in the final and scoreless fights by Lim Jeong-ho, Ryu Jin-wook, and Lee Yong-chan. Peddie became the winning pitcher and earned his 20th win this season. 

‘Dream 20 wins’ Peddie… “I didn’t achieve it alone”

20 wins in a season as a starting pitcher is a record that everyone dreams of. In the KBO League, starting with Park Cheol-soon’s 24 wins for the OB Bears (now Doosan Bears) in 1982, Myung-bu Jang of the Sammi Superstars recorded 30 wins in 1983, and Lee Sang-yoon of the Haitai Tigers (now KIA Tigers) recorded 20 wins.

In addition, Sun Dong-yeol of Haitai, Si-jin Kim of the Samsung Lions, and Sang-hoon Lee of the LG Twins achieved 20 wins in one season, and in 1997, Hyun-wook Kim of the Ssangbangwool Raiders left a unique record of winning 20 games as a relief pitcher.

As foreign pitchers entered the KBO league in earnest, most of the 20 wins in a season fell to them. In 2007, Doosan’s Daniel Rios became the first foreign pitcher, followed by Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom Heroes)’s Andy Van Hacken and Doosan’s Dustin Nippert. 

On the other hand, the drought continues to the extent that KIA’s Yang Hyeon-jong in 2017 is the only domestic pitcher to win 20 games in a season since the 2000s.

Peddie, who appeared in the KBO League this year wearing an NC uniform, overwhelmed batters with his ‘sweeper’ breaking ball. And in 2020, he achieved the honor of 20 wins in a season, which had not been achieved for a while since Doosan’s Raul Alcantara.

After the game, Peddie said, “I couldn’t have achieved the 20-win record alone,” and added, “I think I achieved it thanks to all my teammates, including the defense and bullpen.”바카라사이트

20 wins, 200 strikeouts, first time since Sun Dong-yeol in 1986 

Peddie is also the first NC pitcher to win 20 games in a season. Drew Luchinski, currently playing in the Major League of American Professional Baseball, narrowly missed out on winning 19 games in 2020. 

What makes Peddie’s performance even more valuable is that he struck out 200 times. Peddy, who had recorded 198 strikeouts before today’s game, struck out leadoff hitter Choi In-ho in the first inning with a missed swing, and finally reached 200 by striking out Chae Eun-seong in the second inning. 

With this, Peddie became the 16th pitcher in KBO League history to strike out 200 batters in a season, and ended the game with four more strikeouts. 

Furthermore, there are only five pitchers who have achieved 20 wins and 200 strikeouts in a season at the same time, starting with Sammi’s Jang Myeong-bu, who recorded 30 wins and 220 strikeouts in 1983, followed by Choi Dong-won, Kim Si-jin, Sun Dong-yeol, and Peddie of the Lotte Giants.

The biggest driving force for NC, which was unable to play fall baseball last season, to compete for the top spot again this season is Peddie’s fight. 

Peddie, who has become a ‘legend’ since his first season in the KBO League, has 20 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 2.06, leading in wins, average ERA, and strikeouts. He is likely to win the ‘Triple Crown’ and is ranked first as the regular season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). It is considered as

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