I didn’t want to be in the spotlight alone… ‘Monster’ who led the team without conceding a goal “It’s the result of everyone’s good work”

I didn’t want to be in the spotlight alone… ‘Monster’ who led the team without conceding a goal “It’s the result of everyone’s good work”

 Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) played a great role in holding the center of the defensive line, blocking Tunisia’s attack at the source, and leading to a scoreless victory. In particular, after wearing the captain’s armband on this day, he also showed himself leading and encouraging his teammates in the last room. However, he was humble and said that it was achieved through everyone’s efforts.안전놀이터

Kim Min-jae met with reporters in the common coverage area (mixed zone) immediately after winning 4-0 in the October international match against Tunisia held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on the 13th, saying, “Not only me, but all the players did well. “It’s a result of my own creation,” he said, noting that he didn’t want to be in the spotlight alone.

On this day, Kim Min-jae wore the captain’s armband and started as a starter while Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), who was not in good condition, was excluded from the starting lineup. As expected of a ‘monster’, he stably defended the backline for 90 minutes and led the team to a scoreless victory. In addition, during his third scoring scene, he induced an own goal from the opponent in a set piece situation.

Kim Min-jae said, “I think the director decided the captain separately. “I didn’t feel any pressure,” he said, adding, “This is a result not only of me but of all the players who did well. “He recorded no runs, so I think he deserves a high score in terms of defense,” he said.

He said, “During the training process, we worked together to improve our defense, and in particular, we prepared by communicating a lot with each other.” He added, “Ahead of today’s game, the coach said that if we prepare well defensively when we are attacking, we will not be counterattacked.” He added, “I paid a lot of attention to that part because you emphasized it.”

Kim Min-jae is continuing his forced march this year as he did last year. In fact, after receiving basic military training this summer, he left Naples and donned the Bayern Munich uniform, immediately establishing himself as a starting player and appearing as a starter in every game, regardless of whether it is the German Bundesliga or the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Although he may be physically exhausted, Kim Min-jae shows stable defense and amazing performances every time he plays. In fact, he receives high ratings and praise every time he competes, and is impressed by fans. He is truly showing his nickname, ‘the monster’.

Kim Min-jae said, “It is difficult for all players except me. In particular, I think it will be more difficult for the K-League players because it is the end of the season,” he said, showing an unwavering attitude, saying, “When I return after the A match in October, I will continue to take good care of my body and have a good season without injuries.”

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