“The cunning dogfighting master is coming!” Tottenham, including SON, concerned about line injuries. Powerful Plan B Argentine Divine

“The cunning dogfighting master is coming!” Tottenham, including SON, concerned about line injuries. Powerful Plan B Argentine Divine

 “The cunning aerial combat master is coming!”

The crisis of Tottenham Hotspur (6 wins, 2 draws), which is surprisingly leading the league, is deepening. In the end, the injury variable that was a concern and the resulting thin roster are the core of the crisis.

Side players such as Ivan Perisic, Brennan Johnson, and Manor Solomon are injured one after another. Son Heung-min, who joined the Korean national team to play in the two-game international match between Tunisia and Vietnam, also left the stadium limping after halftime of the Vietnam game. He was already not in normal condition at Tottenham right before joining the A national team. Concerns about injuries are serious.

Football London reported on the 19th (Korean time) that ‘Tottenham manager Angel Postekoglou has a secret weapon that can provide a perfect plan B.’

This is Alejo Bellis, who is only 20 years old this year. He is a target-oriented striker with a tall height of 1m87. He played for Rosario Central in the Argentine Primera División from 2021 to early 2023, eventually moving to Tottenham in August.

He hasn’t had any big performances yet. However, it is not unusual. With a tall height of 1m87, he has a strong advantage in aerial ball competition. Excellent jumping ability and positioning. His ability to link up with his teammates, decide on goals, keep the ball, and dribble are all good. He has the disadvantage of not being able to use his left foot well and having slow speed.

Football London said, ‘He is different from typical South American strikers such as Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez. He completed 58% of his aerial duels last season. It looks powerful. He said, ‘This is a great figure compared to Richarlison (38%), Brennan Johnson (33.3%), and Son Heung-min (24.3%).’ In particular, his former coach Adrian Dezzoti said, ‘There is no Premier League player with Alejo’s aerial skills. We’ll see how good he is. ‘He has jumps and powerful headers.’

Football London said ‘He could become a powerful striker in the same type of style as Diego Costa and Aleksandar Mitrovic.’

Moreover, one of his strongest strengths is that he is very calm and intelligent for a 20-year-old.

Former coach Adrian DeZotti revealed an anecdote in an interview with The Athletic.

He said, ‘Alejo is very smart and has a cunning side (meaning intelligent). He has so many tricks. In a tricky away game against Lanus we were up 2-1. The opposing striker had a solo chance. He ran behind our defenders and had a perfect chance to score.먹튀검증 At this time, Alejo blew the whistle, pretending that the referee had stopped the game. The striker stopped and one of our centre-backs managed to block the ball. The opposing coach protested to the referee, but we ended up winning 3-2. The opposing coach wanted to kill him (Alejo), but we won in the end. ‘Alejo’s quick wit and intelligent cunning show how focused he is on the game.’

Tottenham will play Fulham at their home, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, at 4 am on the 24th.

With many injuries, Tottenham can make various changes. In the first half, Son Heung-min, James Maddison, Dejan Klusevski, and Richarlison can play in the first and second lines, but there can be many changes in the second half. The addition of target-oriented striker Alejo could bring about a change in Son Heung-min moving to the side. In addition, by targeting his strong aerial combat, you can increase the proportion of left and right side penetrations and cross options accordingly.

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