The driving secret of an elementary school kart champion… “I want to be the Schumacher of the future”

The driving secret of an elementary school kart champion… “I want to be the Schumacher of the future”

Schumacher,안전놀이터 the world’s strongest Formula 1 driver, started racing in karts at a young age. 

There is an elementary school student who won the largest competition in Asia with this cart. 

A cart passes the finish line with a roar.

The cart was driven by a 10-year-old elementary school student.

Recently won the largest competition in Asia held by F1 organizer.

He was the youngest Korean player ever to win.

An elementary school student who can’t help but get off the cart.

Their passion is no less than that of an adult. 

[Kim Min-jae / Kart Racer]
“In racing, every time I overtake a car, it’s a pleasure that can’t even be compared to practicing.”

Just because it’s a cart doesn’t mean you should look down on it.

I will equip myself and ride the cart myself.

The maximum speed is about 50 km per hour.

The perceived speed is faster.

The wind resistance is so strong that it is difficult to open your eyes.

It feels like it’s going to pop out!

The steering wheel is stiff, making it difficult to turn corners. 

The kart I rode was for experience purposes only, so the speed was much slower than for athletes, but it was so fast that my body was thrown away.

The athlete’s cart is about three times faster.

This is because the car body weight has been made lighter and the engine displacement is 3 to 4 times larger.

In fact, Kim Min-jae’s top speed on this day was 112 km/h.

It’s even faster than this during competitions.

I am building my skills by training at my own expense and participating in international competitions.

F1 legend Schumacher and new champion Verstappen also entered motorsports with karts.

Minjae Kim, like his favorite athlete Verstappen, dreams of becoming the youngest Formula 5 athlete.

[Kim Min-jae / Kart racer]
“I want to try Formula 1 when I’m 14 or 15. (The conditions are) I need to be tall. I need to have excellent skills. I also bought a lot of taller jelly.”

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