Boras “Ryu Hyun-jin will play in MLB next year as well…”Lee Junghoo will create a K-pop sensation”

Boras “Ryu Hyun-jin will play in MLB next year as well…”Lee Junghoo will create a K-pop sensation”

American sports agent Scott Boras, 71, said that his client Ryu Hyun-jin, 36, will play in the major leagues next year. Another “client,” Lee Jung-hoo (25), who is also trying to make it to the major leagues, will “create a ‘K-pop sensation,'” he said.

Boras met with reporters in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the Major League Baseball General Managers’ meetings were held on Sept. 9 (KST), and answered questions about the players he signed.

“He’ll be pitching in the United States next year. It’s not Korea,” he said, adding, “There’s a lot of interest in him from big league teams.”토토사이트

Ryu returned to the big leagues in August after undergoing elbow ligament reconstruction surgery (Tommy John surgery) last year and had a successful comeback, going 3-3 with a 3.46 ERA in 11 games. While he doesn’t have the same velocity he once had, he’s been competitive with his off-speed pitches.

With his four-year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays coming to an end after this season, there is a lot of interest in Ryu’s future.

Upon returning home last month, Ryu said, “It’s hard to say yet. I think only time will tell,” but he also indirectly hinted at his intention to stay in MLB, saying, “If there are talks with other teams, I think it’s natural for me to stay.”

However, as he is approaching his late 30s, it will be difficult for him to sign a long-term contract.

In the United States, there are reports that major league clubs are looking to sign Ryu to a short-term deal. predicted a one-year, $8 million (approximately $10.76 billion) contract.

He was also optimistic about Lee Jung-hoo, who is looking to enter the U.S. through the posting system (closed competitive bidding).

Lee “Boras” Jung-hoo joined the “Boras Division” after finishing last year, hoping to go overseas.

“Half the teams in the league have already inquired about him,” Boras said, explaining that “he has great hitting skills, defense and power, and he has the potential to grow even more in the future.”

“I think he’s going to be the next K-pop sensation in the MLB next season,” he added.

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