“A man acknowledged by Yoon Dae Hyub!” Jung Sungwoo’s question. “To whom?”

“A man acknowledged by Yoon Dae Hyub!” Jung Sungwoo’s question. “To whom?”

“I don’t know who I should thank, Yoon Dae-hyup or the translator,” said Suwon KT guard Jung Sung-woo (30, 178 cm), who gave a thumbs-up to the fan’s sense of humor.

Sung-woo helped KT win its third straight game. Jung had 18 points, two rebounds and six assists in KT’s 2023-2024 regular season home game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on Sept. 9. KT won 91-69 behind a triple-double from Paris Bass (29 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists) to move into third place in the standings.레모나토토 도메인

After the game, Jung said, “This is our third straight win after three straight losses. All the players did their part to help us win. I think we showed that we are a strong team. It was meaningful to show our strength to not collapse until the last minute.”

Jung made his presence felt in the third quarter when KT entered the period trailing 35-40. He finished with 13 points, two rebounds, and three assists, including two two-pointers and all three three-pointers. After turning the tide with Jung’s firepower, KT kept the momentum going in the fourth quarter and cruised to an easy win.

“I’m especially grateful to (Choi) Chang-jin. I’m not a very good scorer, so I’ve been obsessed with creating goals for my teammates. He advised me to take it easy, as they can score goals with their individual skills. I was able to make my offense simpler, and it paid off.”

As Jung Sung-woo dominated the third quarter, cheering tools were frequently seen on the broadcast screen, with one fan writing, “Jung Sung-woo, the man Yoon Dae-hyup recognized!”. The phrase can only be understood by watching the Japanese basketball manga Slam Dunk, which has been popular around the world.

Yoon Dae-hyup is a character in Slam Dunk. During a conversation with Seo Tae-woong, the all-around player said, “When I was in middle school, there was a guy I only fought once, but I couldn’t beat him.” (Seo Tae-woong asked for his name).

In fact, Yoon Dae-hyop’s name was Jung Woo-sung. Jung Woo-sung was the ace leading the high school powerhouse Sanwang Gonggo, and was officially recognized by the author of Slam Dunk as the No. 1 high school player. Yoon Dae-hyop, who is known for his brash personality in contrast to his outstanding basketball skills, said Jung Woo-sung’s name backwards and mentioned Jung Sung-woo.

When asked about it, Jung Woo Sung said, “I don’t know who I should thank, Yoon Dae Hyeop or the translator. I’m grateful to the fans who made it possible for me to see the famous line associated with my name. Of course, I’m encouraged by the placards that all the fans are holding,” he laughed.

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