Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, to establish the nation’s first blind soccer team

Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, to establish the nation’s first blind soccer team

Hwaseong City held the founding ceremony of the Hwaseong City Hall Blind Football Team at the Hwaseong Sports Town Indoor Gymnasium on the 10th. The ceremony was attended by Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korea Disabled Sports Federation, Jeong Myung-geun, president of the Hwaseong Mayor’s Sports Federation, Kim Kyung-hee, chairman of the Hwaseong City Council, and Cho Hyang-hyun, chairman of the Korea Disability Employment Corporation.굿모닝토토

Hwaseong City’s visually impaired soccer team consists of six players, including head coach Lee Ji-ni (35), coach Won Sat-hee (37), and players Kim Ja-on (28), Bae Hyun-jin (25), Shin Yoon-chul (34), and Jang Young-joon (35). The program plans to add four more athletes in the future. Mayor Jung Myung-geun said, “We will spare no effort to create an enabling environment for elite athletes with disabilities and provide various supports to improve their performance, and we will strive to foster dreams and hopes through sports so that disability is no longer an obstacle in a world where people with and without disabilities live together.” In response, Jeong Jin-wan, President of the Korean Para Sports Federation, said, “We are thrilled that the nation’s first soccer team for the visually impaired has been established in Hwaseong City, which ranks first in financial independence among municipalities nationwide.” “The Korean Para Sports Federation will actively support athletes with various types of disabilities to train in a more stable training environment.”

Blind soccer did not qualify for the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games. Blind athletes are usually unable to train regularly due to their livelihoods.

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