Las Vegas, where Athletics are moving, what kind of location is it?

Las Vegas, where Athletics are moving, what kind of location is it?

On April 16, Major League Baseball owners unanimously approved a proposal to move the Athletics from Oakland to Las Vegas. The Athletics will become the fourth franchise to call Las Vegas home, joining Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Oakland. After 2024, when their current ballpark deal expires, they will have to find a new home starting next year.굿모닝토토

Las Vegas is commonly known as a “nightlife city” in the United States. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, Las Vegas is so famous for its nightlife and gambling that there are slot machines at the entrance to the airport. Even in Halloween movies, Las Vegas doesn’t stray too far from the nightlife category.

However, aside from the main drag, Las Vegas is also a “people’s city,” and while it is well-policed, it has been very active in attracting sports teams that provide something for the community to enjoy outside of nightlife. As a result, the NFL’s Raiders, NHL’s Golden Knights, and women’s professional basketball’s Aces call Las Vegas home. After next season, Major League Baseball’s Athletics will join them, making the city home to three major American sports outside of the NBA.

Las Vegas may not seem like a city with much domestic relevance, but women’s basketball’s Park Ji-soo played three seasons in the WNBA. If the Athletics were to sign a South Korean player to a major league contract, Park would become the second player to play in Las Vegas.

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